A Panel PC is a personal computer built into a flat-screen display so that the entire computer can be mounted in any manner available for mounting a display alone. It eliminates the need for a separate space for the computer. And It’s typically ruggedized for use in industrial or high-traffic settings. They are easy to install and can cope with a wide range of conditions in industrial surroundings, as well as being a vandal proof human machine interface.

Although a panel PC is the same size as a monitor, or sometimes even smaller, it has all the functionality of a full computer. It provides standard PC functionality such as USB and LAN but is also capable of providing additional functionality such as serial and parallel ports as well as internal PCIe expansion to satisfy any less-common functionality, such as analog/digital I/O.

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Panel PC 10″

Panel PC 10″ is a rugged 10.4 inches industrial Panel PC with a Resistive LCD Touchscreen display and a high-performance

Panel PC 12″

Panel PC 12″ is the new generation of rugged Panel PCs certified IP65 (Front Panel), with a 12-Inch TFT Active

Panel PC 15.6″

Panel PC 15.6″ is a 15.6″ Widescreen touchscreen Panel PC with a brightness control button in the front. Powered by

Panel PC 15″

Panel PC 15″ is the best rugged Panel PC certified IP65 (Front Panel) for in-vehicle use, with 15 Inches TFT

Panel PC 17″

Looking for a low-power yet high-performance wall-mount PC system? Introducing the 17″ Panel PC. It supports Intel® Quad Core J1900

Panel PC 22″

The Panel PC 22″ is a heavy duty all-in-one 22 Inch Panel PC for industrial, commercial and in-vehicle use. Perfect